About Us

We are South Jersey Tracker Club. Our mission is to educate both young and old about nature, old skills, wilderness survival, permaculture and environmental stewardship. Our goal is share our combined knowledge freely whenever possible and with as many people as possible. We wish to show modern society that leaving the planet better than one finds it in order to benefit future generations can be done by anyone, can be done easily and one can have fun while doing it.

Our members have a combined knowledge of several decades when it comes to ancient skills. They include, but are not limited to the following: wilderness survival, wild forging & primitive hunting, primitive fire making, tracking, flint knapping, primitive bow & arrow making, garment making form buck skin and designing and creating self-sustaining organic food systems (permaculture).

For a while now, people in our area have expressed a desire to learn these skills from us. We are now offering classes to anyone interested in learning these skills.

Our other passion is to organize drives to pull garbage out of the woods. This is especially a problem in our area, even though everything around here is supposed to be protected federal land.